Our first project, self titled due to it's nature. Every day over a month we uploaded a new letter of the alphabet, each designed by a different member of the quad.

This culminated in a display face that simultaneously showcases the modern, eclectic, and traditional design aesthetics of MASH.

June, 2012


This project was born out of the unanimous decision that we all wanted to design our own deck of cards. A typographic deck, of course...

December, 2012


MASH is a collaboration of female font fanatics that combine four typographic styles with charming sophistication.


Mary Faber (MCGD) revels in using historic designs to develop new display faces that dabble in the past

The two typefaces under her belt, Mainline and Marino, were both inspired by historical typeface trends in New Zealand printing. She recently presented these designs at the 2012 ATypI International Conference in Hong Kong.

Favourite typeface at present?:'Gill sans, followed closely (and perhaps more fashionably) by Brandon Grotesque'.


Alice Lo (MA) is an experimental, geometrically focused typographer who is heavily influenced by the grid.

She is a published design writer and recipient of a Best Design Award for book design from the Design Institute of New Zealand. Alice's most recent typeface, Lost, combines geometry with a blackletter twist.

Favourite typeface at present?: 'If I had to choose just one? Helvetica Light - an oldie but a goodie'.


Saranna Drury (BCGD Hons) is passionate about display typography, custom lettering and anything with a good swash.

Her first typeface, Debussy Script, was inspired by the roman types Bodoni and Archer Hairline, combined with the English Roundhand writing style.

She recently received a Blues Award for contribution to the graphic design scene, and her work is regularly featured on multiple blogs.

Favourite typeface at present?:'Archer, followed by Futura - (MASH's website *cough*)'.


Haylie Gray (BCGD Hons) has a typographic style that combines a contemporary aesthetic with a spice of eclectic flair.

She completed her first typeface this year, Heartwood, a decorative display typeface. It was inspired by native flora in New Zealand and by design in Maori culture.

In collaboration with Saranna she published a book about typography for young designers called Friend not Foe.

Earlier this year she interned at Surface magazine during a four month working holiday to New York City.

Favourite typeface at present?:'Avenir LT St in 95 Heavy to be precise'.


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